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*Can't make it to an event? Get a signed copy anyway!* Order DEAR TEEN ME from The Book Spot in Round Rock, TX, and I will sign and personalize your book for you! They ship!

June 28, 2014: The Writer's League of Texas Agents & Editors Conference in Austin, TX
I'll be emceeing the session with  Scott Wiggerman, poet and editor-in-chief of Dos Gatos Press.  I'll also be hanging out with Yellow Bird Editors at our table in the vendors' area. Stop by and say hi!  I will have chapbook swag with me....and, with any luck, chapbooks!

November 16, 2014: The YALSA Young Adult Literature Symposium in Austin, TX
I'll be signing at the Author Blitz event on Saturday night!  More details to be announced as they arise.  I CANT WAIT!


Editorial and Mentoring Services

Yes, you can hire me! If you're interested in hiring an editor to help you with your manuscript, a mentor or coach to help you with your career, a proofreader for your poetry, or an industry professional to take a look at your query, I hope you'll consider soliciting my help through Yellow Bird Editors. Our rates are competitive and testimonials are listed on the site. There are many services offered in almost every genre and with so many editors and authors working at Yellow Bird, there is surely someone who will suit your needs, even if it isn't me!

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Have you joined the #UrgencySquad? Pre-order now!

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 23, 2014, 10:00 AM

UPDATE: Scroll to the bottom to see these kits in progress!

Hello readers! As you may have seen on Twitter and Facebook, I'm up to no good.

Finishing Line Press, October 2014. 
Finishing Line Press, October 2014.

With the hopes of getting all y'all to pre-order copies of my forthcoming chapbook A JAB OF DEEP URGENCY, I am offering thank you gifts. And those thank you gifts come with some sweet, sweet membership. Anyone who receives a pre-order gift from me -- and, to be clear, anyone who pre-orders and emails me their proof of purchase will receive said gift -- is an official member of the #UrgencySquad. 

#UrgencySquad kits will contain the following:

1. A letter from me! Which might not be that exciting, but the letter does include your mission, should you choose to accept it. Also, some thank yous.

2. One page from Jennifer Egan's A VISIT FROM THE GOON SQUAD, chosen at random. My new chapbook was created using Ms. Egan's novel, as you know. So, I'm giving you a page of your own.

Anchor, Paperback Edition, March 2011. 
Anchor, Paperback Edition, March 2011.

3. A few other source texts. (Can you see where this is going?) You might be getting a magazine article, the back of a cereal box, or breaking news. Or all of the above. Or other texts altogether. IT'S A MYSTERY.

4. Glitter. Okay, fine, confetti. Because I hear some people don't like vacuuming glitter out of their carpets.

5. A crash course on found poetry, complete with links to resources and examples. To help you in your mission. (Should you choose to accept it.)

6. SWAG! I'll be sending signed post cards, and I'm currently collecting promotional swag from other writers of found poetry. So, yes, you will be swaggified.

SO. Are you ready to join? Become a member of the #UrgencySquad by pre-ordering A JAB OF DEEP URGENCY from Finishing Line Press. After you order, send me proof of your purchase (you can forward your receipt or take a screen cap of your completed order) by email to e.kristin.andersonATgmailDOTcom. Make sure to include your mailing address! I'll put you on the list to receive your #UrgencySquad kit. They will be mailing out in August.

...and guess what? I don't care WHERE you live! If your country will let me send things to you, I'll send them. Because the #UrgencySquad is about having fun and making art, but it's also very much about thanks. So thanks, y'all! I can't wait to post pics as I assemble these kits. Because...I have already found confetti in my shoes today. It can only get better, right?

Oh, and BTW, can we give some more mad props to jowyn who did the cover for A JAB OF DEEP URGENCY? She's totally an automatic member of #UrgencySquad!

PS, here are the materials I've gathered thus far. AND I'M NOT DONE YET:

UrgencySquadMaterials by PinkyMcCoversong

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E. Kristin Anderson
Artist | Professional | Literature
United States
My name is Emily, but if you're looking for my published work, you should Google E. Kristin Anderson. (Ask me and I'll tell you the why-I-need-a-pen-name story.) I write poetry (for everyone) and fiction (for young adults and children) and nonfiction (sometimes). I'm the co-editor of the nonfiction anthology DEAR TEEN ME (Zest Books, 2012) based on the website, where authors write letters to their teen selves. I have two poetry chapbooks coming out this year: A JAB OF DEEP URGENCY (Finishing Line Press) and A GUIDE FOR THE PRACTICAL ABDUCTEE (Red Bird Chapbooks). I'm an online editor at Hunger Mountain and a contributing editor at Found Poetry Review . I blog at about books and writing and my bizarro life here in Austin, TX. If you're looking for editorial or mentoring servies, I'm a member of Yellow Bird Editors, a group of industry professionals offering these and other services for professionals as well as beginning writers and teens.

I grew up in Westbrook, Maine and went to Connecticut College in the beautiful New London, CT, and have a fancy-sounding degree in Classics. Once upon a time I lived in Brooklyn and worked at The New Yorker magazine and sometimes I have dreams that I have to go into the office and make the magazine and can't remember how. ATX, though? It's a great home. I can often be found at Texas DevMeets trying to be louder than StJoan and failing. Sometimes I sew my own clothes and make things with my hands, but I use too many shortcuts to be a pro. And I like to take photographs with toy and vintage cameras. Don't listen to anyone who says watching television will rot your brain -- some of my best ideas have come from TV.

Scroll down for a list of upcoming events and information on my editorial and coaching services.

Deviousness Award

Deviousness Award
`PinkyMcCoversong brings a type of dedication and enthusiasm that's a fantastic asset to our literature community. A constant inspiration and mentor to many, Emily has an eclectic background that has allowed her to develop a gallery filled with poetry and prose that will keep you glued and eager for more. An already published writer, Emily brought the "Dear Teen Me" concept to the fore in our deviantART community, and has continued to inspire writers young and old to participate. We're absolutely delighted to kickstart our 13th Birthday celebrations by bestowing the Deviousness Award for August 2013 to`PinkyMcCoversong.
-awarded August 2013




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dyejob Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2014
OH MY GOD EMILY! I logged in here for the first time in five years (working on a zine series reflecting on the last ten years in ten different jobs) and here you are, still killin' it. So proud of you babe. Glad to know you're (very) alive!
PinkyMcCoversong Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2014  Professional Writer
MISS DOT! I still think about our AOL days sometimes. Your zine series sounds fascinating. <3
dyejob Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2014
Oh gurrrl. I might have to put a little of my next check (whenever that will be) for your chapbooks and such. I think of you every time I see beautiful eyeshadow blends :)
PinkyMcCoversong Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Professional Writer
Oh man. I forgot I used to post so much eyeshadow stuff.  And THANK YOU!
Edges-to-Everything Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Hello, Emily! :handshake: It's a pleasure to meet you. :nod:

I have seen your name around the literature community and realized today that I have yet to Watch. I'm pleased to be doing so now.

I hope you're having a great day! :happybounce:

- Michael
PinkyMcCoversong Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2014  Professional Writer
Thanks for watching!
Edges-to-Everything Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
The pleasure will be mine, I'm sure!
Carmalain7 Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2014
Thank you for joining :iconthewrittenrevolution:, we're delighted to have you with us. Welcome to the revolution. :salute:

We're quite a busy group. We regularly post prompts and publishing opportunities for our members to try. Don't forget to drop into the chat room as well!

And feel free to add us on Facebook and Twitter. :dummy:
raspil Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2014   Writer
yor thrad had a bithrday!

/was that even english
PinkyMcCoversong Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2014  Professional Writer
Whoa.  That's peculiar.

Also, Best Anglich ever.
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